Videomapping Festival of Lights, Lissewege 2013

This video is a overview of the animation we made with vzw for the Festival of Lights, Lissewege 2013.

In total there were eight short clips that randomly played together, each image was made up of three layers (a foreground layer with a real time clock, the main animation layer and a background – nightly stars layer).

Illustraties: Nele Sys
Lead Animation: Jérôme Bartholomeus
Additional Animation: Dries Goddefroy en Mario Van Campenhout

2, Kruitenberg

A experimental short about a woman suffering dementia. In this short, I tried to create an image of a normal day in her life without showing any sign of human presence. This because the woman died 2 years ago.

Because the woman suffered from dementia her nurses decided to put a code lock at the inside of the house. They did this to prevent her from running away from home and getting lost.

I shot this movie using a canon 7D and for most part a 10-22mm lens. I chose this lens because it gives you the possibility to go really close to the objects while retaining a certain distance.

–>Check out the movie on this page<–

Hope you like it!



This expiremental shortmovie was shot at the same time of our ‘The Day After The Apocalypse’, it tells the story of a guy mounting a building and growing old.

While the main character is climbing stairs, he starts feeling older and alienating from society (which is the ground floor). With every step he takes, he loses a little piece of himself, namely his memories. In order to (at the top floor) stare through a window at current generation of people.

The window represents an uncrossable border who only allows people to watch, not interact.

–>Click here to watch Oblivion<–

Hip Hop Stop (Documentary)

This is a little documentary I made for my first year of film school. We had to make a documentary about something outside of our comfort-zone. And since I don’t know much about street dance I taught ‘Why not?’.

In the documentary we see 2 streetdancers (Mady Tshiams and Zeno Marques Vita) dancing in the railway station of Brussels-Luxemburg at night. The steetdance shots are mixed with shots from outside the railway station in which we see people going home of their work, houses of sleeping people and many more.

Everything was shot within Brussels with a Canon HV30.

–>Click here to watch Hip Hop Stop<–

Supernova 2012

Last 2 months we’ve not only been working on our new site, but also on a commercial and aftermovie for Supernova 2012!

The commercial came out a little months ago, the aftermovie got finished last week.  While making the aftermovie we got some help from Sander De Gheest who helped shooting and editing.

–>Click here to see the commercial<–

–>Click here to check out the aftermovie<–

Wallpaper: The Dark Side Of The Moon!

In a bored mood I got this magnificent idea to make a modern rework of the legendary artwork by Storm Thorgerson (who else? He is a legend). The most inspiring work he ever created (in my opinion) is the cover he made for the album “The Dark Side Of The Moon” by Pink Floyd this cover is known for his big prism and the spectrum which it emits.

For my rework of the album cover I looked for something digital who uses light in order to work. And what else is more based on light then a camera? I placed the camera in a space environment (just because I could), added a full moon and an upcoming sun further away. Finally added some color corrections and resized it in different dimensions.

The wallpaper is available in following sizes: 1920*1200, 1280*1024, a mobile verion and a tablet version. You can download your free copy of the wallpaper by clicking this link, or clicking the link underneath the image here

–>Click here to see a preview of the wallpaper<–

Hope you like it,


The Day After The Apocalypse


It’s finally here! After more then 4 months of work we finally finished our Day After The Apocalypse. Watch it now!


Starting with the infamous quote by Edward A. Murphy, The day after the apocalypse is an artistic short in which the artist wants to give his opinion about the world after the apocalypse.

The story takes place in one of America’s biggest cities New York, although most of the movie got shot in Belgium. Shooting the main part of the movie took almost 2 weeks, some other shots were grabbed along the post-production week. In general we worked for over 3 months on the entire movie. Every single shot got filmed and edited in-house by the director himself.


–Spoiler Alert–

According to the artist the remaining people will split up in groups. Those groups will conquer each other in their ‘survival of the fittest’. In this story we follow a single person in his quest for survival. The single man represents a group on his own while the 2 guards on the attic represent another group.

The story can be divided into 3 parts, in the first part we see the man digging up memories from earlier days in which everybody lived together peacefully. We also see him searching for something; this part ends on the moment when he enters the building. In the second part we have a first encounter between the 2 groups. This confrontation comes to an end when the main character kills both guards and enters a room. In the third part we see the revenge of the group on the single man.

–>Watch The Day After The Apocalypse here<–

Hope you like it,