About us - Why us?

We get it! You love your air mattress...

but you don't want to invest thousands of dollars into purchasing another air mattress system. Just because your existing bed is broken or you need an upgrade doesn't mean that you need to buy an entire new system. Simply put, you will extend the life of your mattress with REM Air System parts. 

At Silver Fish International, LLC, its a family affair. We take pride in being a locally owned small family business. As the creators of the Original REM Air System pump and air chambers, we understand the importance of a good night's sleep without breaking the bank. What sets us apart is our commitment to providing low-cost alternative parts for renowned mattress brands like Sleep Number, Select Comfort (and many more) that will allow you to extend the life of the mattress you already love all while maintaining uncompromised quality.

Want to speak with a real person? You got it!

As a small company, we are devoted to servicing all our products, and ensuring that our customers receive personalized attention and efficient support. This is why when you call for questions or need support you will speak with someone from customer success right away. Whether you are calling, emailing or texting you can be assured that the person responding to you on the other end is real and loves apple pie and burgers served with American cheese! 

Need your parts right away? 

We hear you loud and clear. Thats why with every purchase we ship within 24 hrs of receiving your order. Yes, you heard it right, and did we mention that shipping is on us? That's right – free of charge!

The Bottom Line:

Our innovative approach to purchasing parts for your mattress allows you to upgrade your existing pump and air chambers with cutting-edge technology, eliminating the need to scour the market for expensive name brand replacements. No longer do you have to invest thousands in a new sleep system – REM Air System products offer a quality and cost-effective solution to extend the life of the mattress you already cherish. Choose REM Air Systems for reliable service, affordability, and a sleep experience tailored to your comfort so that you can save more to your "bottom line!"




Please take note: we do not sell Sleep Number or Select Comfort parts. We are not affiliated in any way with Sleep Number Corp.