Which Sleep Number or Brand Air Mattress Replacement Air Pump is for Me?

Which Sleep Number or Brand Air Mattress Replacement Air Pump is for Me?

It's probably the most popular question when it comes to replacing your broken brand named pump i.e. Sleep Number or Select Comfort pump. Which REM Air System pump will be the best replacement pump for my air bed? 

Well, it's an easier question to answer than you might think. More and more brand named air bed owners are finding out how easy it is to replace their bed pump and extend the life of their mattress. Thus, saving thousands of dollars by not having to purchase a new bed! 

So, which replacement air pump is for you?

Well, first of all, our entire fleet of REM Air System pumps boasts the "Whisper Quiet Technology" compressors and new sleek design so you can be assured that whichever pump you decide on you will be getting an upgraded replacement pump that will extend the life of your Sleep Number Mattress into the next decade, if not longer! 

Now, what type of Remote do you prefer? Wireless or Wired? All of our remotes will come with a large "easy on the eyes" digital backlit display. In addition, the display is built into an ergonomic remote that is easy to negotiate with one-touch memory recovery. 

So which wireless remote pump model? Well, we provide 3 wireless remote models: 



- Single Wireless Remote Pump (2 valves): This model has been our most popular. The remote will control both sides of your bed. The remote will read 0-99max (60mbar pressure)

-2 Wireless Remote Model (2 valves): This model comes with 2 wireless remotes that will engage your REM Air System individually. They will read 0-100 (60mbar pressure) One of the great benefits of your 2 wireless remotes is that if you lose one remote, you will still have the ability to use the other remote to control both sides of your mattress.

-2 Wireless Remote (4 valves) This model will come with 2 wireless remotes that read 0-100 (60mbar pressure) However, this model is made for systems that require 4 hoses. Our 4 valves system was made to also work with a multi-zoned mattress. (head and foot zone and a lumbar zone). 


This one is easy. Why? Because we only provide one model that comes with 2 wired remotes. But not to worry, this one is close to being our most popular model because of its ease of use and hook up. 

2 WIRED Remote Model (2 valves) This model will come with 2 wired remotes that hard-wire to your pump. Your remotes will read 0-100 (60mbar pressure) and comes will all benefits of the wireless models. 


Now, let's talk about your hoses. The REM Air System pumps are made to fit the common 3/8" inside diameter hose size. So, this means that if your hoses are in good shape you can use your existing hoses to connect with your REM Air System pump. No need to purchase hoses. However, there is some brand air mattress like Comfortaire, Innomax and Nautalis air beds that have the less common 1/2" hoses. If you fit into this category, no problem. You simply need to purchase an inexpensive 1/2" to 3/8" connector to splice together a 3/8" hose and your 1/2" hose. We will provide the links in this article. Truth be told, many of our customers how found these parts at their local HOME DEPOT or Lowe's in the air hose sections. Very easy process. 



3/8" Hose


 Our Promise To you: 

If there is one thing that puts us above others besides our product, it is our customer service. We understand your sleep is important. This is why we always have customer service available to you 24/7. When you have a question or a concern we are always an email or phone call away to assist you. Because we are a small company we can be agile to assist you from your purchase to your install and beyond. 

We are quick to reply by email or call, whichever you prefer. What we mean by quick is an average response time of under 15 mins. When it comes to customer service, we mean business. Why? because we care about you and your sleep.

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